Like many other employers in our community and across the country, we value our employees as assets that are integral to the health and long-term success of our company. Raven has a long and successful commitment to partnering with our employees and health plan to help manage chronic health issues and to help us all better manage our share of health care costs. We take both a qualitative and quantitative perspective to these programs.

Together with our health plan, we have long regarded substance use disorder as both a chronic disease and the greatest hidden contributor to a variety of costs against our bottom line. Based on the research, this is likely true for most companies across a wide variety of industries.

When we were approached by Face It TOGETHER Sioux Falls about the Employer Initiative, we saw the program as a natural extension of our robust commitment to disease management.  The partnership would allow us to expand our existing programs to include substance use disorder awareness, management and support.

The first phase of the program involved working with Face It TOGETHER Sioux Falls to offer nearly 20 one-hour presentations that reached all of our 865 employees. The immediate impact was powerful. Following those educational sessions, forty individuals came forward seeking advice and eleven received services. We are seeing additional results from ongoing activities and outreach.

We are confident in the returns from the investment we are making in our employees through this innovative initiative. Just as importantly, there are qualitative benefits, such as a favorable impact on culture and employee morale. These are more difficult to measure but we know that they positively influence our bottom line as well.

Together with our health plan, we recently asked our employees to complete a health risk assessment to help us better understand how we can support them in managing health issues. Based on the responses, we believe that approximately 17 percent of our workforce has exposure to substance use disorder. This is about twice what we expected, underscores the vital need for this program and makes us proud that we have begun this initiative.

As Face It TOGETHER Sioux Falls continues to advocate for systemic improvement and as its investments in metrics bear fruit, this community will have demonstrated a positive return on employer investment in recovery from substance use disorder. We are proud to be a partner in this effort.

Dan Rykhus, CEO
Raven Industries, Inc.


At Raven Industries, the health and happiness of our team members is a top priority.  By educating team members on how addiction is a chronic disease like diabetes or hypertension and breaking down the barriers of stigma and shame within our company, we have witnessed team members turn their lives around and set a new trajectory with their life path.   

Raven believes in each team member operating at his or her peak performance.  We are fortunate to have resources in our community, such as Face It TOGETHER Sioux Falls, that allows team members to find the help he or she needs.

Teresa DeBoer, PHR
Human Resources Manager – Benefits & Wellness
Raven Industries, Inc.


As a co-leader of the first Face It TOGETHER Employers Initiative group, I enjoyed working with employers to create a multi-faceted plan.  The company-specific plan helped human resource professionals to tailor their company culture encouraging and supporting recovery from substance use disorder.  The Employer Initiative offered innovative ideas and programs for employers to detail and share their vision of a healthy workforce specifically in helping employees attain and maintain recovery.  The group reviewed many aspects of recovery including hiring, legal issues, recovery paths, local resources, and policy development.  The HR professionals said they most enjoyed the training regarding substance use disorder and recovery.  

With the survey, employers can actually see how the Face It TOGETHER services and events are changing and improving the opinions of employees about substance use disorder, recovery and resources for assistance. 

I am glad to see the way the employers group has evolved.  The progress is truly amazing.   Every employer small to large would benefit from being involved.

Mary Wolf
EAP and Outpatient Services Director
Avera McKennan Behavioral Health 


Component Manufacturing Company/Reaves Building System’s initiative is to provide a safe and healthy working environment by increasing employee awareness and providing an opportunity to access help when it is needed.

Chaciel Koscielski | Human Resource
Component Manufacturing Company